(scarless, markless and painless method of hair transplantation)

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Mesotherapy is a technique for introducting micro-doses of medications intradermally into problem areas according to the special schemes.The therapeutic effect is achieved due to the action of special medications and cocktails, as well as stimulation of biologically active points and reflexogenic areas.

Mesotherapy is used in the trichology sphere for the following purposes:

  • to improve microcirculation of the scalp;
  • for direct delivery of necessary medications and substances to the destination place;
  • for normalization of functions of sebaceous glands;
  • to create a medication depot in the skin;
  • to stimulate own regenerative processes.

Mesotherapy is used in the trichology sphere in the following cases:

  • male and female androgenetic alopecia;
  • diffuse hair loss (after stress, childbirth, a previous infection, etc.);
  • seborrhea;
  • deterioration of the hair structure (dyeing, thermal effect).

Individual programs of hair treatment and recovery.

  1. Preparing for hair transplantation and reconstitution after transplantation (both steps are very important and affect the final result).
  2. Hair reconstitution after dyeing, extensions and chemical exposure (treatment program aims to restore the hair structure).
  3. Hair reconstitution after childbirth (special comprehensive program helps as soon as possible to reduce hair loss and enhance its growth).

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