(scarless, markless and painless method of hair transplantation)

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Hair transplantation at the RubenHair Clinic is a simple outpatient procedure and not a surgery. It takes on average about 3 to 10 hours depending on the condition of the head skin, donor site and many other factors.

At our clinic hair transplantation is performed using a unique method of seamless hair transplantation according to the follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique without a linear scar, like in ” the strip method”.

The patient’s own hair from the donor site is used for hair transplantation (a site that is not subject to the hair loss process). In some cases hair transplantation is possible from other parts of the body: the patient’s back, chest, etc.

What is so “special” in this procedure?

  • The most important thing is that the procedure does not leave visible scars.
  • It is significant that a patient doesn’t feel pain both during (due to local anesthesia) and after the procedure.
  • Fewer complications after the transplantation: injuries are less than 0.8-0.9 mm, no tension and the size of the injury is less deep than the one excised for a strip. Hence the possibility of nerves injury, bleeding and infection is minimum.The same technology is used for eyebrow and beard transplantation.
  • More comfortable after surgery period than after the procedure using the “strip” method:there is no feeling of tightness of the scalp; no need to remove seams and many other benefits.
  • Possibility to repeat the procedure even the next day.You can also divide a large procedure into many small ones.
  • A hair transplant procedure takes place in a comfortable environment for a patient.You can watch TV or listen to music while sitting on a comfortable chair.

Due to the high professionalism of our specialists transplanted hair is indistinguishable from native hair. We select hair by thickness, distribute its thickness and choose a natural direction of the hair growth, as a result, hair looks absolutely natural and well-groomed. So you should not be afraid of the wrong attitude of other people to this method of treatment – no one would guess that you once underwent a hair transplantation procedure . Our unique method of hair transplantation allows you to return to the former way of life in the near future: to go in for sports, go on vacation, use any hair products without any fear to harm it.

Our clinic provides a written 100% hair survival guarantee.